[brlug-general] Cox and P2P

Petri Laihonen pietu at weblizards.net
Fri Jan 18 10:30:30 CST 2008

That sounds bad!!

Then on the other hand, would it be
1) all bandwidth used
2) only downlink
3) only uplink

If ISP's indeed are going to go this way, I have a gut feeling that 
having the variable charge only on the uplink would make more sense and 
would be accepted by consumers a bit better. (Consumers whom understand 
the difference....) Or am I way off?

Then, when here in US the changes have been favorable to the 
customers.....  that would be extremely rare...


Chopin Cusachs wrote:
> Maybe a solution is on the way.  Time Warner is testing a scheme in
> which customers would be billed on the bandwith they use, rather
> than a flat fee.  See http://tinyurl.com/2bo5av
> Seems reasonable to me.
> Choppy
> At 04:06 PM 1/16/2008, Mat Branyon wrote:
>> Who is out to get who?  I think the big motivator for these companies
>> would be to conserve bandwidth.  Its a known fact that they oversell
>> their bandwidth (everyone shares the same pipe, no guarantee of the
>> speed you are paying for).  So when it gets popular to share large
>> files, people might start noticing that they never get anything close
>> to the service they are paying for.
>> What they need to do instead of blocking things people want, is fork
>> up the infrastructure to support what people want.
>> People want more bandwidth.
>> If scientists can send dvds of data in seconds, why can't I stream dvd
>> quality video?
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